Skull Patches for Jackets
Skull Patches for Jackets
Skull Patches for Jackets with 75% coverage.
Red Skull Iron On Patches
Red Skull Iron On Patches
Red Skull Iron On Patches in 3.5 inch diameter, with 100% embroidery.
Mr Skull Iron On Patches
Mr Skull Iron On Patches
Mr Skull Iron On Patches in red hat and red tie.
Skull Iron On Patches
Skull Iron On Patches
Skull Iron On Patches with 75% embroidery.
Tee Shirt Iron On Patches
Tee Shirt Iron On Patches
Tee Shirt Iron On Patches with 50% coverage.
Sub Zero Robotics Iron On Patches
Sub Zero Robotics Iron On Patches
Sub Zero Robotics Iron On Patches is 4*2.9 inches, with 75% embroidered patches.
Fashion Skull Iron On Patches
Fashion Skull Iron On Patches
Size 3.6''*6'' for Fashion Skull Iron On Patches.
Let Us Sing Iron On Patches
Let Us Sing Iron On Patches
Let Us Sing Iron On Patches measures 2 inches, with 75% Embroidry.
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Skull Iron On Patches

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  • Skull Patches for Jackets
  • Red Skull Iron On Patches
  • Mr Skull Iron On Patches
  • Skull Iron On Patches
  • Tee Shirt Iron On Patches
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Skull Iron On Patches

The skull iron on patches is one of the cool patch designs. They are favored by many groups or patch loves, such as bands and cyclists, they always like to add skull elements to their patches, such as patch biker vests. They were immediately recognized and found many participants. The skull patches have been the most popular in the past and are still the most common today. This is some information about the skull patches we provide.

Rose Skull Iron On Patches

Why People Like Skull Iron On Patches?

What is the reason everyone clicks on the search for the skull iron on patches? Why are different people attracted by this design? The following are the main reasons why skull iron on patches are the first choice for many people:

Cool Images

At first glance, the skull patches maybe look a bit scary. But after you have seen it, it will not be easily forgotten. This is the cool skull patches. They make a strong statement and immediately draw your attention. It seems that it is a skull associated with death, but on the contrary, they are symbols of eternal life.

Multiple Designs

When it comes to design cool patches with the skull, there will be no lack of creativity. Designers like to use it to explore their creativity, it is no limited for designing the patches. For example, they can make a sugar skull, red skull, or iron on the embroidered skull. The area to be mended is everywhere, and they maybe use denim iron on patches, embroidered patch iron and iron sew on patch. Therefore, there are so many skull patches created by designers.

Historical Reasons

Both military and cyclists like skull iron on patches. Different groups have different skull patches to show their rule over the enemy. It is the same as cyclists. They usually wear skull back patches, skull iron on patches for jeans, and many other jean patches. For example, the famous bicycle company Harley Davidson also use the skull design on the company brand.

Pop Culture

With the popularity of skull patches made by the military and cyclists, popular media has benefited from this popularity, therefore, the skull patches are becoming more and more popular on the market. The most recent example is the punisher of Marvel. His logo has a formidable skull on a black background. It links the masculinity of the punisher with the image of the inability to kill and the skull.

Some Popular Skull Patches Designs

Flaming Skull Patches

The flaming skull has always been part of popular culture. Different groups have a different use of the skull embroidered patches. However, there is one thing in common among all people is the common respect for the flaming skull, it shows with creative flaming patches. In recent years, this patch becomes more and more popular.

Skull Embroidered Patches

Punisher Skull Patches

The punisher skull patches usually have an extended front tooth and a missed lower jaw. The most common type of patch is black and white, but some people prefer colorful forms. In addition to color selection, people often have their special requirements for customizing the punisher skull patches.

Skull Custom Iron On Patches

Skull and Crossbones Patches

Skull and Crossbones Patches are very common among children. They are also popular among teenagers, especially fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. It can be put on jacket vest and the patches worked as decoration of the clothes.

Skull Custom Embroidered Iron On Patches

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