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Rainbow Iron On Patches

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Custom Rainbow Patches

Rainbow Iron On Patches

The rainbow is colorful. When it is embroidered on fabric, you will see how beautiful it is. Rainbow Iron On Patches can decorate many things, such as backpacks, caps, jeans, T-shirts, etc. This custom patch has an iron-on backing. So it can be easily attached to a garment with an iron.

When you want to bring some color to your cap with the rainbow embroidered patches and share that brightness with others, you can choose a rainbow iron on patch to decorate your cap. We will help design a customized patch online! We also offer other popular patches for your options, like name patches, skull patches, and more.

The Meaning of Rainbow

Physically, a rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon. It is caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of the sun's rays in drops of rain resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. The rainbow is a part of the material world. However, it has two deep meanings in the spiritual world.

Natural Rainbow

We’re given the origin of the rainbow from the Bible in Genesis 9:8-17. As a symbol of God’s promise to Noah and his sons, the rainbow is placed in the sky. God promises that he would never destroy the earth by floodwaters again. The rainbow represents God’s goodness, his love, and long-suffering, his mercy and grace. And the most important one is that the rainbow is a reminder that God’s promises are true and faithful.

The Colors of Rainbow Flag

This rainbow flag is used as a symbol of LGBT which is an initialism that stands by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. There are six colors of the flag. It is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. This symbol is used to indicate support for those promoting free expression and equality for everyone, regardless of their sexual identity.

What Are the Distinct Features of Rainbow Iron On Patches?

lColor is gorgeous and permanent.

lWith 100% embroidery, it has raised texture.

lIt is easy and fast to attach the patches to garments with an iron.

lIt is embroidered with the finest threads, which promise the high-quality guarantee.

Steps to Order your Rainbow Iron On Patches

Step1 Get a free quote

Get a free quote by using our automated quotation system.

Step2 Fill in your personal information

Fill in your contact information and other design requirements, we will respond within 24 hours with a free digital sample of your iron on patches design.

Step3 Revise the sample

Revise your sample iron on patches until that is what you want.

Step4 Place your order

If you are satisfied with the sample, you can place an order next. You will receive your custom iron on patches on time with free shipping.

Each Order for Rainbow Iron On Patches Are Included

Free Quote - We offer you a free quote after your inquiry.

Free Design - We will design the patches you want for free until you are satisfied.

Free Proof - We provide free color proof delivered by email.

Free Shipping - We will deliver the patches by DHL or FedEx air service.

Fast Production - Our factory will produce your patches as fast as possible and ship in 15 days or less.

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